Reading Emily Dickinson
A Frizzlit Production, taught by Mark Wunderlich

An eight-week course meeting weekly for one hour on Zoom, from Thursday, April 6th, through Thursday, May 25th.  6:00 PM Pacific.

Emily Dickinson was one of the most innovative, original and important poets of the nineteenth century, and the wild intelligence and subversiveness evident in her poems make her one of the most rewarding—and sometimes confounding—poets to read and study.  In this eight-week course, we will look at a handful of poems in each session which I have selected and organized by thematic category, and we will read the poems closely, and discuss exactly what they say, and figure out what they mean.  We will also look into the life of this “Queen Recluse,” and separate the popular myth of a delicate, even fragile genius who retreats into a kind of domestic exile, secreting her poems away from the world, from the reality of an artistically ambitious, major writer who knew and corresponded with some of the leading literary personalities of her day, who was the recipient of an exceptionally fine education, and who was certainly aware of her own talent and achievement.  By the end of the course, you will have a clear vision of who Emily Dickinson was, what her poems say and contain, and why she is so magnificent, surprising and relevant.

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